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Converting Social Media Followers into Buyers

Social media marketing is an indispensable tool for all businesses. The success comes from building strong and lasting relationships with customers and professional contacts over many months and years by giving them the type of content and expertise that they will want to share with their friends, family and colleagues. …

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Boosting Your Business on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…and the list goes on. Business owners now have so many ways to reach out to new and potential clients. Online marketing, and in particular social media, is all about building a platform of loyal followers who are excited about listening to your message and hopefully …

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Using Facebook Advertising to Find Customers

It makes sense to advertise your business on Facebook. With over 1.19 billion users it has created the most highly-engaged audience on earth with a huge percentage of the world’s population logging on the site daily. Despite people predicting the death of Facebook with the newcomers like Instagram and Pinterest, …

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Setting Up A Profitable Twitter Account

Jack Dorsey sent the very first Twitter message at 9:50pm, March 21st 2006. Since then, Twitter has become a phenomenon and grown into the one of the most popular social media communities and websites on the Internet. As well as a being a great place to connect with friends and …

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Pinterest Your Way to Marketing Perfection

By now, most businesses will have heard of Pinterest. It has famously overtaken Twitter to be the fast growing social media site. Just in case you don’t know what it is, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It allows anyone to create and organize virtual pinboards on almost any topic, …

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